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1977. This article was the base for the book, O Colapso de uma Aliança de Classes. With president Geisel's "Pacote de Abril" (1977), the aliance between the bourgeoisie and the military technobureaucracy starts breaking down, ( Article in Folha de S.Paulo)

1974. The Solow-Meade model is the neoclassical alternative to the growth model the Keynesian, Harrod-Domar model. It is consistent with an economy permanently in market-equilibrium that the previous model rejected. (Short note for the students)

1973. In Brazil supermarkets serve the middle class and the rich, not the poor. This is a clear indication of how concentrated is income in the country. (Note: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

1971. There is a cost or "administrative" component in inflation. By expanding the economy, this factor is being taken into consideraton, and inflation, that followed by orthodox measures between 1964 and 1967, continues to fall. (Note: Visão, Caderno "Brasil 71"

1968. With Yoshiaki Nakano. Basic concepts of social accounting, emphasizing the ex-post equality of product, income and expenditure. (Apostila FGV/SP)

Caso levantado para o curso de administração de empresas da EAESP/FGV.

1962. Pequeno artigo escrito para introduzir o Brasil a um grupo de jovens estudantes estrangeiros que aqui chegaram.

1954. Comments on the I Festival Internacional de Cinema do Brasil that happened in São Paulo, in Cine Marrocos, in 1954, as I respond for a daily column on movies in the newspaper O Tempo.

1960. Letter identifying the new historical facts that made obsolete ISEB's interpretation of Brazil based on de idea of an alliance between the national bourgeoisie and the left. (East Lansing, 14.12.60)