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2012. The Lula and Dilma (first two years) administrations and the attempt to make a political pact with industrial entrepreneurs and the workers. (Editora 34: 2014). São Paulo, 24 de maio de 2012.

2016. Bresser-Pereira é o entrevistado do programa Espaço Público, por Paulo Moreira Leite e Florestan Fernandes Jr.

2015. A summary of A Construção Política do Brazil. The three state-society cycles in the history of Brazil since Independence. The recent class coalitions or political pacts. (Article: O Estado de S.Paulo, Aliás )

2012. An overview o Brazil since the independence. An interpretation of Brazil considering the political pacts or class coalitions and the growth strategies. (Paper: Novos Estudos, Cebrap)

2008. The Public Bureaucracy in the Construction of Brazil (in Portuguese) To be published this book should be actualized with the 1995 Managerial Reform and its implementation. I should find a co-author to do that. (Book available in my website in PDF).

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