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2019. Survey of book by Yascha Mounk. Liberal democracy is in crisis. It could not be otherwise because neoliberals see it as the ideal form of society. (Article in Quatro Cinco Um-Revista dos Livros)

Marcus André Melo (2004) "Republicanism, citizenship and (new?) rights?". Survey of "Citizenship and res publica: the emergence of republican rights". Paper in the Festricht of Bresser-Pereira, Em Busca do Novo. (Paper in edited book)

1997. The new state that is emeging out crisis of the welfare and developmental state will have to be able to protect citizens rights. Managerial public administration plays a major role in this direction. Portuguese version available. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política)

1996. In late twentieth century we are facing neoliberalism, but, as a trade-off, republican right are been acknowledged and democracy is a source of morality and social justice. (Lecture at UNESCO conference).