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17.1.2021. Please, younger economists, research on the Dutch disease of the Brazilian automotive industry.

1.6.2020 - A critique of liberal economists that are rejecting the monetary financing of the expenditures with Covid-19. Adopting private financing Brazilians will have to pay the resulting public debt for years. Note in Facebook.

8.10.2019. The sale of state-owned companies to foreign counties is assuming an incredible dimension. It is a country for sale. (Note in the Facebook)

2019-The Bolsonaro didn't reach to beggin and already ended. In the last five months there was not government but disgovernment. This president is a shame and and embaressement for the Brazilians.(Note in the Facebook, 20.5.19)

5.5.2019 The Brazilian economy is not recovering and liberal economists and financiers are perplex. (Note in the Facebook)

2.5.2019-Why is Brazil selling all its state-owned enterprises. One explanation is in the lieralism and dependence of the government and the economic elites, the other is that the fiscal deficits and the current account deficits make Brazil to sell the furniture of the house.

2019-Thirty year ago the Brady Plan solved the great 1980s' Foreign Debt Crisis. The Plan was entirely based in the proposal that I, as Finance Minister of Brazil, made in October 1987. The Secretary of the Treasury of the time, James Backer, rejected it, but 18 months later the new Secretary, Nicholas Brady, took it entirely. Read the full history in "A turning point for the debt crisis". Nota no Facebook, 22.4.2019

4.4.2019 -
A proposta do governo de capitalização na emenda da Previdência constitui grave ameaça a um direito humano fundamental que as sociedades civilizadas garantem: o direito a uma velhice digna.

10.3.2019-Embora a emenda da Previdência afirme que a escolha do regime de capitalização será optativa, na pratica reduz o teto previdenciário de seis para um salário mínimo. É uma violência contra o direito humano a uma velhice digna.

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