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2016. Entre as 100 revistas acadêmicas brasileiras mais citadas no Google Scholar a Revista de Economia Política é a única revista de economia citada e a segunda revista mais citada entre as revistas de ciências sociais em geral.

2015. Documento no.1 do Grupo Reindustrialização. Propomos seis medidas de política econômica para reindustrializar o Brasil e este voltar a crescer e realizar o alcançamento.

1998. CLAD is a multilateral institution. Through its Conferences (1995) and Journal, Reforma y Democracia, and through the Madrid Declaration, it has become an important agent of the Latin American Reform.

The Madrid declaration on new public management for Latin America was written by CLAD's Scientific Council, under my presidency, and formally approved by CLAD's Directive Council, in its October 14th 1998 meeting. CLAD is the Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo, constituted by 25 countries, with headquarters in Caracas. I was CLAD's President between March 1995 and December 1997, and, since then, I am President of its Scientific Council.

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1999. MCT's strategic plan, including the sectorial funds. Almost complete version dated of May 30, 1999. A few days later I left the Cardoso administration.

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