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2009. Why some middle income countries catch up while others do not. Behind new developmentalism this book drafts a structuralist development macroeconomics in which the exchange rate plays a strategic role. (Book: Elsevier).Disponível nas livrarias

2008. The Public Bureaucracy in the Construction of Brazil (in Portuguese) To be published this book should be actualized with the 1995 Managerial Reform and its implementation. I should find a co-author to do that. (Book available in my website in PDF).

1991. Collection of articles analysing the rights and wrongs that characterized the first two extraordinary years of the Collor administration. After that, a change of ministry inaugurated the rendition of Brazil to the Washington consensus. (Editora Nobel). Nas livrarias e em pdf.

1985. Articles on the Brazilian economy and the foreign debt published in the newspapers between 1978 and 1985. (Book: Editora Gazeta Mercantil) Available in this website in pdf format.

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