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Paulo Feldmann (2019) Envolvimento de grandes corporações com causas sociais e ambientais, que ganhou vulto nos EUA há quase 30 anos, tornou-se em muitos casos mera estratégia de marketing para encobrir irregularidades, como ilustram exemplos recentes.

2014. if economics and economic policies are so complex that public managers and politicians would be unable to have a say on the matter, what democracy do we have?

2008. The Public Bureaucracy in the Construction of Brazil (in Portuguese) To be published this book should be actualized with the 1995 Managerial Reform and its implementation. I should find a co-author to do that. (Book available in my website in PDF).

2007. The Brazilian public bureaucracy as well as the industrial bourgeoisie are out of the dominant political coalition since late 1980s. Yet, as it is engaged in the 1995 Managerial Reform, it is committed with a project.(Paper Revista do Serviço Público). French version available.