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2000. Brazilian tend to identify themselves negavitvely. (Notes of the intervention in Simpósio Freud: Conflito e Cultura Brasil: Psicanálise e Modernismo).

2000. Globalization is the present stage of capitalism, globalism, the ideology that assert the loss of relevance of the nation-state. (Intervention in the 15th sesseion of the Group of Experts in Public Administration and Finance. United Nations, New York.

2000. The left in Latin America is identified with nationalism the region lacks a modern left. Policy-Network, www.policy-network.org/, December 2000.

2000. Our basic objectives should be to build a capable state and to assure democratic governance. (Introductory words to the Plenary Session on governance in the II global Forum. Brasília)

1999. The confusion between science and moral. (Speech at the World Conference on Science Budapest, June 1999)

1999. Genetic modified organism that are previously examined by a scientific committee will not cause damage to heath or to the environment - and may bring sizable economic benefits. (Article: MCT' website)

1999 - The difference between a good state and a good administration or government. (Preface to Yehezkel Dror (1999) A Capacidade para Governar).

1998. New dependency theory is different from the theory of imperialism, as well as from the national-bourgeois interpretation. It is "new" because rich countries are not anymore against industrialization, but favor authoritarianism and income concentration (Intervention in conference).

1998. The press is a central tool of the democratic debate. It must be critical without ignoring trust and respect.(Speech in the lunch for Page 3 authors Folha de S.Paulo)