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2015. Brazil needs a social class coalition which have as economic priority an exchange rate floating around the "industrial" or competitive equilibrium. This is the only way to stop deindustrialization. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

2010. The Brazilian economy is undergoing deindustrialization due to a chronic overvaluation of the real. The structural development macroeconomics that I have been developing since the early 2000s explains why. (Cadernos FGV Projetos)

2009. Uma doença holandesa moderada e a consequente desindustrialização são evidente. Nega-se o fato porque no momento em que isto for reconhecido não restará alternativa senão mudar a política cambial. Valor Econômico, 25.11.2009

2008. With Nelson Marconi. In Brazil the Dutch disease is not as serious as in oil countries, but it is sufficiently serious to cause gradual deindustrialization. Paper in edited book. (Paper in Doença Holandesa e Indústria)

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