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2019. Survey of book by Yascha Mounk. Liberal democracy is in crisis. It could not be otherwise because neoliberals see it as the ideal form of society. (Article in Quatro Cinco Um-Revista dos Livros)

2017. Este artigo relaciona três fatos históricos novos após a II Guerra Mundial: o surgimento do estado social ainda nos anos 1940, sua contestação por uma ideologia neoliberal rentista e financista que se torna dominante a partir dos anos 1980, e a formulação e adoção da reforma gerencial como uma forma de legitimar o estado social ante o ataque que estava sofrendo, tornando a provisão dos seus grandes serviços sociais universais mais eficientes. English version available. (Revista de Administração Pública)

26.11.2016. Fidel Castro was the great leader of the only socialist revolution in Latin America, but instead of socialism Cuba changed into an authoritarian but egalitarian statism.

2011. Long interview on Bresser-Pereiras history and work, where he reafirms his economic nationalism and his social-democratic or center-to-the-left political allegiancies. (Interview of Maria Ines Nassif in Valor, 8/4/2011).

2010. The public management reform was required by the rise of the social or welfare state, and proved instrumental in legitimizing it in so far as it makes social and scientific services provided by the state efficient. Portuguese version available. (Article: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

2007. Being much bigger than the Liberal State, the Social-Democratic State requires public management reform that make more efficient the large social and scientific services. On the other hand, the managerial reform legitimized the Social State. (Full text available only in this site)

2006. Why does the center-left win elections in Brazil but does not govern? Probabbly because the gap between civil society, which actually holds power, and the people is large.Spanish version available. (Paper in Novos Estudos Cebrap)

2000. To be left means to be ready to risk social order in behalf of social justice. Historically the left moves as the political center cyclically moves from left to right and vice-versa. The center is also different from country to country. The Third Way is the expression of a new left in a country where the center rather on the right. English version available. (Paper: Revista de Filosofia Política 2000)

2000. The left in Latin America is identified with nationalism the region lacks a modern left. Policy-Network, www.policy-network.org/, December 2000.

1999. To be left means to be ready to risk social order in behalf of social justice. The new, social-liberal left, is critical of the old, technobureaucratic, left. (Note in Século XXI)

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