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2010. The public management reform was required by the rise of the social or welfare state, and proved instrumental in legitimizing it in so far as it makes social and scientific services provided by the state efficient. Portuguese version available. (Article: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

2008. Exposição no seminário Desenvolvimento econômico: crescimento com distribuição de renda em comemoração aos 200 anos do Ministério da Fazenda, ESAF, Brasília, 8, 9 e 10 de setembro de 2008 publicado no livro 200 anos - Ministério da Fazenda: Os Ministros - Rio de Janeiro: Editora FGV, 2010. pp. 47-58.

2009. Ciclo de Debates promovido pelo Instituto de Economia Agrícola (IEA), no segundo semestre de 2007, em comemoração aos seus 65 anos.

2009. José Luís Fiori presents his pessimistic geopolitical approach to world affairs. Yet, in the times of globalization and democracy, a more optimistic approach is more realistic. (Resenha de Fiori, Medeiros e Serrano, O Mito do Colapso do Poder Americano).

2009. Nation and civil society are forms of politically organized societies, the state, the central institution, and the nation-state the basic territorial-political unity that the Capitalist Revolution originated. This article orginated "Estado, estado-nação e Revolução Capitalista" (2010). (Discussion paper EESP/FGV 189)

2009. A review of a classical book on the intellectual history of Brazil. Written in a moment where nationalism was beign replaced by dependency interpretation. (Review of Carlos Guilherme Mota (1977 [2008]), Ideologia da Cultura Brasileira).

2009. The economic journalist Celso Pinto was able to present in a simple way the complexities os economic performances and economic policies. Resenha de Os Desafios do Crescimento - Dos Militares a Lula, de Celso Pinto.

2008. Globalization is a major opportunity for ctching-up. Yet, Latin American countries are loosing this opportunity as they lack a national development stragegy.(Article: Folha de S.Paulo)

2008. Three basic definitions nations are a form of politically organized society that emerges with capitalism the state, the law system and the organization that enforces it the nation-state, the basic territorial-political unity in capitalism. Note only in this site

2008. The new nationalist leaders in Latin America face major obstacles. It is more difficult to govern poor than middle income countries. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).