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1972. I coordinated the EAESP's CPG, between 1964 and 1972. It was a real MBA, a professional master program in business with full time students in daytime and 3 to 4 years duration at eventing. The first Brazilian "mestrado" course (1965). Yet, my collegues made the major mistake of bowing to the Plano Nacional de Pós-Graduação (1970) that wanted "academic" masters. With this decision, they sealed EAESP's destiny: not to compete internationally with other major business schools. (Report published only here.)

2004. A survey of my work as an economist, sociologist, and political theorist. It includes a re-evaluation of dependency theory. Paper in the Festricht of Bresser-Pereira, Em Busca do Novo. (Paper in edited book)

1999. Intellectual self-profile of Bresser-Pereira written by himself for a Buenos Aires seminar on the work of Furtado, Rangel, and Bresser-Pereira. (Paper Revista de Economia Política). *

1995. Hommage to my father in the moment of his death. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo)

1996. An account of the theory of inertial inflation original definition(Paper in Revista de Economia Política). For a more complete history, see "A descoberta da inflação inercial" (Revista Contemporânea de Economia, 2010).

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