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2007. In globalization, although nation-states are more interdependent, they are also more strategic. A econometric study confirms that. In 2008 the English version of this paper was published in the Brazilian Journal of Political Economy. (Discussion Paper)

2004. The rise of the professional middle class, knowledge as the new strategic factor of production, and the implications for democracy. The correspondent concept of capital.Portuguese version available.(Paper in book honoring J. K. Galbraith).

2009. Este livro discute, do ponto de vista histórico, a construção de um "Estado republicano", ou seja, um Estado forte e capaz, dotado de legitimidade democrática e de eficiência administrativa, e apto a se defender contra indivíduos e grupos poderosos que buscam capturá-lo ou privatizá-lo. Em inglês . Impresso sob demanda e em kindle

1994. There are three models of capitalism: the American, the Japanese, and the European or social democratic. The choice criterium is efficiency - what will lead Latin American to choose a combination of the social-democratic and the Japanese (developmental) model. As to democracy, it is a end in itself or a means to freedom and peace, not to economic development. Thus, trade-offs between growth and democracy should not be considered. (Published only in this website)

1993. Robert Kurz wrongly predicts capitalisms colapse, not understanding that what we have is just a crisis of the state. (Review of Robert Kurz, O Colapso da Modernização, in Novos Estudos Cebrap)

1990. The rise of technobureaucracy or the professional middle class: in capitalism, sharing power with the bourgeoisie in the Soviet Union and other comand economies, as the ruling class. It is revised translation of A Sociedade Estatal e a Tecnoburocracia (1981) with the adition of the paper "Social Classes and Strata in Contemporary Capitalism) Em formato pdf e e-book.

1981. A systematic analysis of social classes in contemporary capitalism distinguishes social classes from social strata and shows how the two concepts are interconnected. Portuguese version available. (Paper: published only in this site)

1981. The rise of technobureaucracy or the professional middle class. In capitalism, sharing power with the bourgeoisie in Soviet Union and other comand economies, as the ruling class. Collected papers. (Book: Editora Brasiliense) Esgotado.

1972/2006. Two essays on the 1960s' utopic revolutions: the 1968 student revolution, and the poltical revolution of the Catholic Church. Introduction to the third edition on "The counter-revolution of our time". (Book: Editora 34 3rd. edition of 1972 book) Nas livrarias.

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