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1997. The new state that is emeging out crisis of the welfare and developmental state will have to be able to protect citizens rights. Managerial public administration plays a major role in this direction. Portuguese version available. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política)

1995. Public non-state organizations are essential in the reform of the state performing either social and scientific services (social organizations) or social accountability roles. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo)

1989. State intervention has a cyclical character now the neo-liberal ideological wave is causing a reduction of the state, and distortions are being corrected, but sooner or later the movement will be reversed confirming the cycle. Improved English version available. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política)

1985 {1986}. The Entrepreneurial or Producer State was essential to Latin Americas primitive accumulation and industrialization. Now, in the new stage that the more advanced Latin American countries are entering, it is time for the the Regulatory and the Social State. Yet, this transition is taking place together with the transition to democracy, a major debt crisis, and a neo-liberal ideological ofensive. Portuguese version available. (Paper: in book edited by Atilio Boron)*

1982. In the modern technobureaucratic-capitalist state, market and state coordination of the economy are intrinsically connected. In economic terms the state is producer, income distributor, and coordinator.(Paper: Revista de Economia Política)

1977. In late 1974, the debate on the statization signals the beginning of the transition to democracy in Brazil. The bourgeoisie is the accuser, the state s technobureaucracy, the defendant. (Paper:Ensaios de Opinião)

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