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2005. A critique of the two dependency theories (associated and super-exploration) which intended to be an alternative to ISEBs and ECLACs view of Latin American development. Only a third version - national-dependent theory - is consistent with the nation building and growth. Portuguese and Spanish versions available.(Paper)

2004. A survey of my work as an economist, sociologist, and political theorist. It includes a re-evaluation of dependency theory. Paper in the Festricht of Bresser-Pereira, Em Busca do Novo. (Paper in edited book)

2004. Book edited by Yoshiaki Nakano, José Marcio Rego e Lilian Furquin. It is the festrischt commemorating the 70th anniversary of Bresser-Pereira. (Book, Editora da FGV). Nas livrarias, em pdf.

2001. The method that Celso Furtado utilizes is essentially historical; his passion - a measured passion - is for Brazil. A survey of Furtado's work. English and Spanish versions available.(Paper in book edited by Bresser-Pereira and Rego) *

2000. Reading notes of Sergio Buarque de Holanda's classical book, Raízes do Brasil. (Notes, just in this site)

1999. Intellectual self-profile of Bresser-Pereira written by himself for a Buenos Aires seminar on the work of Furtado, Rangel, and Bresser-Pereira. (Paper Revista de Economia Política). *

1998. New dependency theory is different from the theory of imperialism, as well as from the national-bourgeois interpretation. It is "new" because rich countries are not anymore against industrialization, but favor authoritarianism and income concentration (Intervention in conference).

1996. An account of the theory of inertial inflation original definition(Paper in Revista de Economia Política). For a more complete history, see "A descoberta da inflação inercial" (Revista Contemporânea de Economia, 2010).

1993. In a 1964 I demonstrated that Brazilian entrepreneurs originated from the immigrant middle class. Nevertheless, dependency theory insisted that they originated from the coffee planters. It was a way of rejecting the possibility of a national bourgeoisie. (Paper: Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais)

1988. A critique of Caio Prado Jr.'s application of the concept of mercantilist capitalism to Brazil after 1930; and also a critique of mercantilist (patrimonial) practices in the Sarney administration. (Paper in book edited by Maria Angela D'Incao)

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