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Development and Crisis in Brazil, 1930-1983

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Boulder: Westview Press, 1984.

1984 capa development and crisis in brazil 1930 1983

1984. The successive models or patterns of economic development and corresponding political pacts, separated by two crises, in Brazil from 1930 to the early 1980s. English translation of the forth edition of Desenvolvimento e Crise no Brasil: 1930-1983 . Boulder (Colorado): Westview Press, 1984 (correspondes to the Brazilian fourth edition).

Book in PDF format, complete or by chapters

Development and Crisis in Brazil, 1930-1983 (Complete)

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Tables and Figures
Foreword - Thomas C. Bruneau

1. The Concept of Development

2. Import-Substitution Industrialization

3. Social Development and the emergence of New Classes

4. Political Development and the Crisis of the Populist Alliance

5. The Crisis of the 1960s

6. The Viability of Capitalist Development

7. The Post-1966 Expansion and the New Model

8. The Crisis of the 1970s

9. The Dialectic of Redemocratization and Abertura

10. Conclusion: Fifty Years of Development and Crisis


Review published in Choice, December 1984.

Pereira analyzes Brazil’s economy from 1930 to 1983 focusing primarily on the emergence of the industrial-entrepreneurial and working classes and their ideological conflict with old, established agrarian-coffee interests. Each decade is studies to show how the social-political system changed as industrial capitalism took hold of the economy.

The boom and bust cycles of capitalism led to economic miracles and recessions, resulting in social problems as the industrial classes vied to control government economic policy. Pereira covers a vast amount of material succinctly but in great depth.

This first translation keeps the character of the original work in Portuguese. The bibliography is extensive figures and tables are useful and help to illuminate the narrative. The work s and adds new scope and perspective to such works as William Tyler’s The Brazilian Industrial Economy (1981). For a divergent view see Theotonio dos Santos’s &ldquoThe Crisis of the Brazilian Miracle&rdquo (Brazilian Studies Latin American Research Unit. Working Paper 20, 1977). Pereira has produced an important work on current Brazilian economic development. A mandatory addition

to academic libraries.

By D. L. Hadsell, formerly Rio Hondo College