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2021. Rentier capistalists ceased to command accumulation of capital and innovation. Managers do that. Neoliberal capitalism is changing into a managerial capitalism in which technobureaucrats assumed this role, while democracy is checking the threat represented by right-wing populism.  RAE - Revista de Administração de Empresas, 61 (3), 2021: 1-11. English version available

2021. The Industrial Revolution made capital the dominant production relation in entrepreneurs' capitalism; the Second Industrial Revolution and the associated organizational revolution promoted the shift from the strategic factor of production of capital to technical and administrative knowledge and made the emergence of the managerial class a definitive historical phenomenon. (Chapter of book being written)

2021. Around 1980 China made the right choice of economic policy regime (developmentalism) and the US, the wrong choice. This is one of the reasons for the US losing gradually hegemony to China. (Chapter of a book being written)

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