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Administração pública e de empresas: duas coisas muito diferentes

2010. Public and private adminstration should not be mixed up. They are very different disciplines. (Short article).

Governança da EAESP (Website, 02.04.07)

2007. EAESP – the São Paulo business school of Getulio Vargas Foundation should give up electing its director and opt for its ion through a Search Committee. This is the system that is consistent with its managerial teaching and research. (Note published just in this site and sent to collegues at FGV).

Introdução à Organização Burocrática

2003. With Fernando C. Prestes Motta. Second edition of a 1980 book on administration theory and theory of organizations. ( Book: Editora Thomson).

New facts strengthening ethical behavior in business and public life

2000. Moral standards of politicians and of business enterprises are today more closely checked by the press and public opinion than in the past. (Key-note speech published in edited book).

Tendências e paradoxos do varejo no Brasil

1973. In Brazil supermarkets serve the middle class and the rich, not the poor. This is a clear indication of how concentrated is income in the country. (Note: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

Mobilidade e Carreira dos Dirigentes das Empresas Paulistas

1964/1972 – PhD dissertation based on research that I made with Heinrich Rattner and Orlando Figueiredo, financed by the Núcleo de Pesquisas e Publicações (NPP) da EAESP/FGV, and published as the book Empresários e Administradores no Brasil, Editora Brasiliense, 1974. (PhD Dissertation presented for the title of Doctor in Economics, FEA/USP)

Casos em Administração Geral

1970. Book edited by Yolanda Ferreira Balcão e Cândido Bueno de Azevedo, in which 8 of the 15 business cases were collected by Bresser-Pereira. (Book: Editora da Fundação Getúlio Vargas)

Formação de professores de administração de empresas

1968. Analisys of the expansion of business schools, its role in the industrialization of Brazil, and the problem of low quality teaching. A comparison with the American system. (Short article published just in this website).

Administração Geral e Relações Industriais na Pequena Empressa Brasileira

1968. With Laerte Leite Cordeiro e Ary Ribeiro de Carvalho. Reports survey on small and medium sized business enterprises. (Book: Getulio Vargas Foundation)

O administrador profissional e as perspectivas da sociedade brasileira

1966. Given the existence of a large middle classe, democracy's restoration is inevitable. In this process, Brazilian industrial entrepreneurs must associate themselves with the new business managers that are emerging and develop a national development strategy that should be democratic and socially progressive. (Paper: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

Inflação e lucros da empresa (A coreção monetária de balanços)

1964. With Sylvio Luiz Bresser-Pereira. The indexation or monetary correction of financial statements. A proposal. See also 1976 article. (Paper: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

Os três tipos de propaganda

1963. There are three types of adverting: information adverting, repetion advertising, and emotion and enchantment advertising. (Paper: Revista de Administração de Empresas)

Centralização e Descentralização

1963. The concepts of centralization and decentralization discussed.(Chapter 3 of Introdução à Organização Burocrática)

O processo de descentralização

1963. Alfred Slowan's model of functional descentralized organization (today called “matricial organization”) clearly presented.(Chapter 4 of Introdução à Organização Burocrática).

Leitempó S.A.

1962. Case on a major firm selling powered milk (Case: EAESP/FGV)