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Final report on the IIAS Berlin Conference 2005

2005. Public-private partnerships are becoming increasingly common. (Report as the general reporteur of the IIAS Berlin Conference)

Practical principles for public administration

2005. Note to the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration, of the Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc), of the United Nations. New York, April 6, 2005.

The 1995 Public Management Reform in Brazil: Reflections of a Reformer

2003. The political process behind the constitutional amendment of the 1995 Brazilian Public Management Reform. Portuguese version available. (Paper: In book edite by Ben Ross Schneider)*.

MARE s extinction

2002. Note explaining why I proposed this change in 1997 and again 1998. See also the 1998 letter to FHC proposing the extinction. (Published just in this site)

Citizenship and res publica: the emergence of republican rights

2002. After the civil, the political and the social rights, republican rights are emerging or being enforced. The republican rights are the rights that every citizens has that the public patrimony is not captured by private interests. Portuguese version and Spanish version available. (Paper Citizenship Studies) *

A new management for a new state: liberal, social, and republican

2001. The new State will be social, liberal, and democratic the new management more accountable, more political, and republican. Portuguese and French versions available.(Lecture: The 2001 John L. Manion Lecture. Ottawa).

Managerial public administration strategy and structure for a new State

1997. The new state that is emeging out crisis of the welfare and developmental state will have to be able to protect citizens rights. Managerial public administration plays a major role in this direction. Portuguese version available.(Paper Journal of Post Keynesian Economics)*

Economic Crisis and State Reform in Brazil

1996. The ‘crisis of the state interpretation’. Economic and political analysis of the crisis starting in 1980 in Latin America. Portuguese and French versions available. (Book: Lynne Rienner Publishers)

Reforming the State – Managerial Public Administration in Latin America (coletânea)

1999. Edited book with Peter Spink. Includes the first essays by Bresser-Pereira on the 1995 Public Management Reform. Portuguese version available. (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999)

From bureaucratic to managerial public administration

1996. The transition from bureaucratic to public administration in Brazil. It is the first paper where the author presents the state reform model. This model first appeared in his Plano Diretor da Reforma do Aparelho do Estado, September 1995. Portuguese and Spanish versions available.(Paper in Bresser-Pereira and Spink edited book)*

A crítica da direita e da esquerda a um estado em crise

1992. The state is being criticized, on the right, by neoliberals, and on the left, by “logic of capital” Marxists. There is a cyclical aspect in it.(Paper: Lua Nova)