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The two forms of capitalism: developmentalism and economic liberalism

2017. Capitalism and the state are either developmental, or liberal. Developmentalism and economic liberalism are two forms of coordinating capitalism. Capitalism was born developmental anywhere, in England or in the US, in Germany or in Brazil, in Japan or in China. (paper: Brazilian Journal of Political Economy)

Sim, a compaixão é essencial

30.7.2017. Yes, compassion is essential. Terence Malick's “From Song to Song” is a major film about modern freedom – an individualist freedom that does not turn us free.

Estado, estado-nação e formas de intermediação social

2017. This paper defines the state as the law system and the organization that guarantees and the nation-state as the political society formed by a nation, a state and a territory. Second, it discusses the forms of informal political intermediation between the state and society. (Revista Lua Nova)

Models of developmental state

2016. All industrial revolutions happened in the framework of a developmental state. We can distinguish in history four basic models of developmental state. Portuguese version available.(Texto p/ Discussão)

Modelos de estado desenvolvimentista

2016. All industrial revolutions happened in the framework of a developmental state. We can distinguish in history four basic models of developmental state. (Paper to be published – TD-412). English version available.

Teses para uma teoria histórica do Estado e do estado-nação

2016. 34 thesis on the theory of the state as the fundamental institution (the law and the organization that guarantees it) of the nation-state – the form of sovereign society specific to capitalism, as the classical empire was the form of society proper of the slave societies. (Notes for students)

Reconstruir a esperança

2015. Speech receiving the Juca Pato trophee and the tittle of “intelectual of the year 2014” from the Brazilian Union of Writers.

Democracia participativa (Folha, 12.6.14)

2014. Liberais afirmam que o decreto sobre participação social implica o risco do surgimento de “um poder paralelo”. Puro nonsense (article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Desenvolvimento, progresso e crescimento econômico

2014. Progress and human development are defined as the advance towards the five political objectives that modern societies defined for themselves (security, individual liberty, economic wellbeing, social justice and protection of the environment); and growth a an instrument to such objectives. (Essay: Lua Nova)

Transição, consolidação democrática e revolução capitalista

2011. Transition to democracy can happen before the capitalist revolution, but democratic consolidation depends that it is “completed”, i.e., that economic surplus is appropriated in the market. (Paper: Dados).

The global financial crisis, neoclassical economics, and the neoliberal years of capitalism

2010. The 2008 financial crisis signaled the end of 30 Neoliberal Years of Capitalism. It was caused by the deregulation promoted by the neoliberal ideology justified “scientifically” by neoclassical economics. Paper (Revue de la Régulation).

A construção política do Estado

2010. Despite the fact that politics (the art of governing the state) is subjected to economic and political constraints, it counts with a relative autonomy. Whereas society and the economy are the realm of necessity, politics is the realm of men's will and freedom. (Paper: Lua Nova)

Construindo o Estado Republicano

2009. Este livro discute, do ponto de vista histórico, a construção de um “Estado republicano”, ou seja, um Estado forte e capaz, dotado de legitimidade democrática e de eficiência administrativa, e apto a se defender contra indivíduos e grupos poderosos que buscam capturá-lo ou privatizá-lo. Em inglês “Democracy and Public Management Reform”. (Book: Editora FGV)

Ética e política (Folha, 10.04.06)

2004. The ethics of politics is the ethics of responsibility, or the Machiavelian ethics. Both assume republican ends. When they are lacking, we have just opportunism and immoralisty. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo

Cidadania e res publica a emergência dos direitos republicanos

1997. After the civil, the political and the social rights, republican rights are emerging or being enforced. The republican rights are the rights that every citizens has that the public patrimony is not captured by private interests. English version and Spanish version available. (Paper in Revista de Filosofia Política).*