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Serviços sociais do Estado (Folha, 8.10.07)

2007. The “state foundations” (fundações estatais)are welcome because they show that the Lula administration accepted the “social organizations” concept to offer social and scientific services. Yet, public hospitals should be transformed immediately in social organizations, instead of waiting that the new law is approved. (Article Folha de S.Paulo).

Agronegócio, indústria e taxa de câmbio (Folha, 24.09.07)

2007. It is possible and desirable to have a national agreement assuring a more competitive exchange rate. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Dois capitalismos (Folha, 16.07.07)

2007. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Estado europeu (Folha, 01.07.07)

2007. The Europeian Union cannot live an agreement which is essential for it dependent on the vote of individual countries. If a nation realy do not agree, there is the alternative of leaving the Union. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Para Bresser, Brasil está em ciclo vicioso (Folha, 20.05.07)

2007. Interview to Cristiane Barbieri on Bresser-Pereira's latest book Macroeconomia da Estagnação. New developmentalism is a third discourse between old developmentalism and conventional orthodoxy.(Interview: Folha de S.Paulo).

Mangabeira Unger (Folha, 07.05.07)

2007. The Lula administration is changing and Mangabeira Unger was right in accepting the President's invitation.(Article Folha de S.Paulo).

Dois projetos de nação? (Folha, 06.05.07)

2007. The French are not choosing between two projects of nation they already have a good one. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Apagão aéreo (Folha, 11.04.07)

2007. with Paulo Modesto. The medium term solution of the flight controllers crisis depends on structural management reforms. (Article in Folha de S.Paulo)

Uma sociedade doente (Folha, 26.03.07)

2007. The Brazilian society is seek because the it faces quasi-stagnation and crisis and has not a clear assessement of the problems it faces.(Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Nacionalismo necessário (Folha, 26.02.07)

2007. Finally, Brazil has a nationalist representative at IMF. Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr. will face many other nationalist in Washington, although none will admit it.(Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Globalização comercial e financeira (Folha, 29.01.07)

2007. Commercial globalization is a major opportunity for developing countries, financial globalization, a disaster. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo)

Classe média (Folha, 13.12.06)

2006. The middle class is suffering most with Brazil's quasi-stagnation. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo)

É a competição, estúpido… (Estado, 26.11.06)

2006. A large interview on the Brazilian economy and the lack of a national growth strategy in a global environment defined by high competition among nation-states. (Interview to Laura Greenhalgh: O Estado de S.Paulo).

PSDB e PT estão superados (Jornal do Brasil, 21.11.06)

2006. Either PT or PSDB have an answer on how to face and overcome the Brazilian economy's 26 years old quasi-stagnation because they lost the idea of nation. (Interview to Rodrigo de Almeida: Jornal do Brasil).

Candidatos se definem (Folha, 23.10.06)

2006. In the end of the presidential campaign Alckmin, differently from Lula, was able to articulate sensible ideas on economic policy. It will not be engough. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo)