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Burocracia pública e classes dirigentes no Brasil

2007. The Brazilian state bureaucracy was part of the ruling class in association with the industrial bourgeoisie between the 1930s and the 1980s. English version available. (Paper: Revista de Sociologia e Política (Univ.Paraná).

Burocracia pública e reforma gerencial

2007. The Brazilian public bureaucracy as well as the industrial bourgeoisie are out of the dominant political coalition since late 1980s. Yet, as it is engaged in the 1995 Managerial Reform, it is committed with a project.(Paper Revista do Serviço Público). French version available.

Josaphat Marinho e o servidor público

1995. The public bureaucracy has a major role in every society. A managerial reform of the state can only be in its favor, not against it. (Article: Correio Brasiliense)

Prefácio para Burocracia Pública e Política Industrial no Brasil

1994 – Preface to the Brazilian edition of book by Ben Ross Schneider.