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Estado e Subdesenvolvimento Industrializado

1977. An analysis of the modernizing, authoritarian and income concentrating character of the technobureaucratic-capitalist state, and of the respective model of development: “industrialized underdervelopment” (Book: Editora Brasiliense)

Liberalismo incompatível com o desenvolvimento

2.1.2018 – Reasons why economic liberalism is unable to promote growth and catching up in developing countries. (Note in the Facebook)

The two forms of capitalism: developmentalism and economic liberalism

2017. Capitalism and the state are either developmental, or liberal. Developmentalism and economic liberalism are two forms of coordinating capitalism. Capitalism was born developmental anywhere, in England or in the US, in Germany or in Brazil, in Japan or in China. (paper: Brazilian Journal of Political Economy)

Novo desenvolvimentismo é resposta para a crise

2017. A short (4.000 words) summary of new developmentalism – a new theoretical framework to allow middle-income countries to grow again. Ilustríssima, Folha) (Available in English)

Lucro, Acumulação e Crise

2018 – Book on the phases of capitalist development and the distribution of income using Marx’s model of the falling tendency of the rate of profit. First edition, 1986; second edition, e-book only, Kindle format. Atualized in the apendix with the paper, “Growth and distribution: a revised classical model”.

Democracy and growth in pre-industrial countries

2017. Pre-industrial countries are supposed to realize their capitalist revolution in a global political famework that requires that they are democratic. But today's rich and middle income countries made it while their regimes was authoritarian. Publicado como Texto para Discussão

Models of developmental state

2016. All industrial revolutions happened in the framework of a developmental state. We can distinguish in history four basic models of developmental state. Portuguese version available.(Texto p/ Discussão)

Prefácio a Desenvolvimento numa Perspectiva Keynesiana

2016. Oreiro writes an excellent summary-analysis of the development macroeconomics models before the New Developmental model to which he is one of the main contributors. (Preface)

Reflecting on New Developmentalism and classical developmentalism

2015. New Developmentalism is a theory that must be distinguished from really existing forms of developmentalism. It was preceded by Classical Developmentalism. Social-developmentalism is a version of the later characterized by a high preference for immediate consumption. Portuguese version available (Paper)

Modelos de estado desenvolvimentista

2016. All industrial revolutions happened in the framework of a developmental state. We can distinguish in history four basic models of developmental state. (Paper to be published – TD-412). English version available.

The economics and the political economy of new-developmentalism

2017. A summary of new developmentalism – of its economic theory and of its political economy. The best that I have donne. (Paper to be published)

O pensamento novo desenvolvimentista

2014. Novo desenvolvimentismo, como teoria, distinguido de desenvolvimentismo como tipo ideal de realidade histórica. Notas para futuro artigo aproveitando ideias apresentadas na UFRGS, em Porto Alegre, em junho 2014 (Slide presentation).

Financial Stability and Growth: Perspectives on Financial Regulation and New Developmentalism

2014. The 2008 global financial crisis took the world by surprise, not least because politicians, businessmen and economists believed that they had learned crucial lessons from the Great Depression of the 1930s. As a direct result of deregulated financial markets, financial crises occurred in both developed and developing economies. However, this volume argues that in the most recent crisis developing countries suffered less, and that financial policy and regulation played a crucial part in this. (Edited Book )

The access to demand

2014. In developing countries it is not enough to secure demand for entrepreneurs to invest; additionally, is required access to it, which only a competitive exchange rate can assure. (Paper Keynesian Brazilian Review)

Comparando a teoria estruturalista do desenvolvimento com a teoria novo-desenvolvimentista

1914. Comparing in one table the structuralist economic theory (or old developmentalism) with new-developmental structuralism – the micro as well as the macroeconomic aspects.