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Inflation targeting in Brazil: A Keynesian approach

2007. With Cleomar Gomes. The paper claimsthat inflation targeting policy was adopted in Brazil before the interest rate trap was faced and solved. This was a mistake because inflation targeting is good to manage monetary policy, not to change the monetary regime as it was in 1999 and still is necessary in Brazil. (Paper in edited book). Portuguese version available.

O salto da poupança interna (Folha, 11.10.04)

2004. Between 1998 and 2003 foreign savings fell 5% and domestic savings increased correspondingly, financed by a reduction in real wages (brought by exchange rate depreciation) and a diminution of the budget deficit. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo)

Crise Économique et Réforme de l’État au Brésil

2002. Economic and political analysis of the crisis of the state from 1980 to 1995 in Brazil. Includes a critical introduction. Portuguese and English versions available. (Book: Maison des Sciences de l’Homme)

Incompetência e confidence building por trás de 20 anos de quase estagnação da América Latina

2001. My first paper after leaving the Cardoso administration in June 1999. Incompetence and subordination to the North characterized Latin American economic policies since the early 1980s'. English version available. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política) *

Latin America’s quasi-stagnation

2001. First economic paper since I left the Cardoso administration in June 1999. Incompetence and subordination to the North characterized Latin American economic policies since the early 1980s'. Portuguese version available with the original title of the paper, “Incompetência e confidence building por trás de 30 anos de quase-estagnação da América Latina”. (Paper in book edited by Paul Davidson).

A Inflação Decifrada

1996. An account of the theory of inertial inflation original development in São Paulo (FGV) and Rio de Janeiro (PUC) in the early 1980s (Paper in Revista de Economia Política). *

Em busca de uma nova interpretação para o Brasil e a América Latina

1996. The dependency interpretation of Brazil should be replaced by the crisis of the state interpretation. (Introduction to Crise Econômica e Reforma do Estado no Brasil. English and French versions available.

Economic Crisis and State Reform in Brazil

1996. The ‘crisis of the state interpretation’. Economic and political analysis of the crisis starting in 1980 in Latin America. Portuguese and French versions available. (Book: Lynne Rienner Publishers)

Reforming the State – Managerial Public Administration in Latin America (coletânea)

1999. Edited book with Peter Spink. Includes the first essays by Bresser-Pereira on the 1995 Public Management Reform. Portuguese version available. (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999)

A economia e a política do Plano Real

1994. The logic and the intellectual background of the Plano Real, and a collection of articles published in the press between May 1993 and June 1994 on the successful stabilization plan. (Note: Revista de Economia Política) *

Estabilização em um ambiente adverso: a experiência brasileira de 1987

1993. The Plano Bresser was a 1987 atempt to stabilize prices in Brazil in an adverse environment. English version available. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política).

Contra a Corrente: A Experiência no Ministério da Fazenda

1992. Revised version of the testimony to IUPERJ on the author's experience as Finance Minister in Brazil: the major crisis, the “Bresser Plan”, and the negotiation of the foreign debt. Non revised version available in French. (In Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais”)

1992 – O Plano Marcílio e a Estabilização Necessária

1992. An anlysis of the disastrous IMF sponsored 1992 stabilization plan (Marcilio Plan), and the alternatives open to the Brazilian economy. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política)*

A Crise do Estado: Ensaios sobre a Economia Brasileira

1992. Collected papers written between 1987 and 1991 analyzing the Brazilian foreign debt crisis, fiscal crisis of the state, and inflation. (Book: Editora Nobel)

A lógica perversa da estagnação: dívida, déficit e inflação no Brasil

1991. There is a perverse logic in the Brazilian macroeconomic system involving foreign debt, fiscal deficit and inertial inflation. English version available. (Paper: Revista Brasileira de Economia)